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Fast, simple email integration

Automatically sync your Microsoft Exchange contacts, emails and calendar with sales-i to manage your schedule quickly and efficiently.

Our Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 integration tool allows you to seamlessly update both your sales-i and Exchange accounts at once. It has been designed to allow contacts, emails and appointments to be viewable and editable within both your Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 email client and sales-i.

What's integrated?


Any contacts that are stored in either Microsoft Exchange or sales-i will be integrated both ways.


Your sales-i and Exchange calendars will reflect each other including any calls and diary notes.


Your selected emails in your Exchange account will be added to the corresponding account in sales-i CRM.


Manage your day from a single system rather than running both simultaneously – especially when you’re out on the road visiting clients.


Every 15 minutes your sales-i account will refresh data between your Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 account so that you’ll always have important information at hand.


Gone are the days of wasting time updating two separate systems with the same information saving you countless hours of duplicating work.


$16/£8 per user per month.

Plus a one-off setup fee.

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