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Pen and paper are a thing of the past with our simple but smart CRM system


Managing your data with a CRM system is a no-brainer

Easily manage contacts

Contact management software stores and shares every customer profile, company-wide. No matter what department you're in; you'll always be looking at the same up-to-date contacts.

Close deals faster

Stay on top of your sales pipeline, easily monitor your monthly forecast and know exactly where to focus your time. You will never miss a sales opportunity again when using CRM solutions.

No IT skills needed

Our built-in CRM system is intuitive and simple to use. Furthermore, you'll be able to tailor it specifically to your business' needs in an instant, without the lengthy timescales or needing to be an IT superhero.

CRM on the go

Sales is all about staying on top of your accounts. That’s why we created our dedicated iOS and Android apps specifically designed with the salesperson in mind. Take your CRM software with you everywhere you go with mobile CRM.

Update call notes, stay up-to-date with meetings, check dashboards and save any information relevant to your customer in an instant, right from your mobile device.

Our cloud based CRM solution means you can access everything from anywhere, on any device

“We make it possible to access the information you need, without the hassle you don’t.”

Already got a CRM system? No worries.
We integrate with many CRM systems, including...

Your account is fine for collecting and storing customer-oriented data, but do you actually make the most of it?

sales-i works in harmony with your data to turn that data into information, information which you can use to make smarter business decisions.



There’s no denying that SugarCRM is a powerful tool for organizing your data, but what about turning that data into new sales opportunities? With sales-i, CRM integration with our sales intelligence has never been easier.

Sitting within SugarCRM, sales-i analyzes your CRM data with your ERP data to instantly tell you what customers have bought, haven’t bought and, more importantly, what they should be buying.


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13 reasons your salespeople hate your CRM system

CRM systems are big business. Gartner predicts that a staggering $36.5bn will be spent on it by 2017 and CRM adoption is also growing faster than any other enterprise software category. So it begs the question, why do your salespeople hate your CRM?


11 questions your CRM can't answer

A CRM system can pretty much run your day for you, right? Actually, not so much. They are great at managing customer details and monitor sales pipelines but are limited when it comes to transactional data, they simply can’t deliver. Here are 11 questions your CRM can’t answer.


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