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Outsell the competition

Give your whole sales team access to the knowledge they need to close more deals. See what your competitors are doing and stop customers from leaving before it's too late.

Delight your customers

More insight into your customer base than ever before means one thing: smarter selling. You'll know exactly what each account is buying and should be buying.

Make smarter decisions

sales-i gives you the instant insight into your data to make the business decision faster, every single time, allowing you to improve your bottom line and gain market share.

"Competition is fierce."

sales-i spots cross, switch and up-sell opportunities within your sales data and alerts your sales team to them, meaning there’s always a constant flow of new opportunities.

  • Identify key accounts to contact with a purpose to do so
  • Uncover hidden opportunities in your data to maximize profits
  • Recover any lost business with personalized sales campaigns

"Customers are leaving but we can't see who."

Up-to-date data on each of your product lines makes it quick to spot when one of your products is hot or not.

On the back of this, you’ll find it easy to see where opportunities lie and where calls should be made.

See exactly who’s buying what and who isn’t, at what margin. But more importantly, know what your customers should be buying from you that they’re not.

"Customers aren't loyal to us."

Added insight from sales-i makes it easy to spot customers who are likely to leave before they do.

What’s more, as soon as a customer’s orders do slip, you’ll know about it; an alert is sent straight to the right salesperson’s inbox so they can call and find out what the situation is straightaway.

This not only shows your customers that you want their business, it also shows that you care.

"We want our sales team to hit target every month"

We’re firm believers that knowledge is power, and by putting the power in the hands of your sales team, they’ll never be stuck for an opportunity again.

Increase sales productivity with information available at your fingertips, making it possible for your team to close sales anywhere, on any device.

Take the chains off your sales team and free them to fulfill both their and your company’s potential.



But don't just take our word for it...

  • “We’ve closed off the financial year 58% up on the previous year and attribute this directly to sales-i and their sales performance software.”

    Larry Sexton

    Director of Sales at Office 360º

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