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Take on the 'Big Boxes' head on... and win.

Get reports instantly

sales-i can create detailed sales reports in seconds, with accurate sales analytics that saves you valuable selling time. Include all the information you need to impress your customers and close business.

Increase your profits

Transform the conversion rates of your sales calls and meetings with instant insight to valuable cross, link, switch and up-selling opportunities. Grow your bottom line in a few simple clicks.

Create loyal customers

Make disloyalty a thing of the past with valuable insights into your accounts' buying patterns and purchase history delivered straight to your inbox. Stop the likes of Amazon chipping away at your base.

"We're fighting aggressive competition."

sales-i levels the sales playing field for office products companies, quickly identifying where the competition is stealing business and feed your team with actionable customer information while they’re on the go to win back lost business:

  • Spot competitor activity in a few clicks
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns
  • Recover lost business before it gets too late
  • Feed your sales team with valuable sales opportunities

"Our salespeople aren't selling more to existing customers."

Guilty of making the ‘easy sale’ just to say to you can close a deal? Use sales-i to spot valuable opportunities in an instant and start making impressive profits on every sale.

Turn milk-round calls into proactive, profitable discussions with all the information you need to close deals.

Talking about the weather is all well and good, but sales-i gives you real reasons to call a customer, making every call personal and profitable.

"Profit margins are slipping on key product groups."

Customers may be spending less, but profit margins on your office products shouldn’t have to suffer.

sales-i will highlight exactly where margins are being eroded, where sales are falling and where alternative lines may make you more money.

Knowledge is power so turn your team into the sales heroes they were meant to be. We’ll supply the knowledge, all they need to do is act on it.

"Our marketing campaigns aren't as effective as we'd hoped."

Make smarter marketing decisions that will generate an impressive return of warm, easy leads for your sales team.

Use the customer insights that sales-i presents you to build precise campaigns that are personalized to a receptive segment of your customers. For example, who has regularly been buying paper for 6 months within Chicago but hasn’t placed an order yet this month? A well executed 10% offer on paper may be all that’s needed to gain a new order. Remove the blanket campaigns to every customer and become smarter.

Discover valuable sales in an instant. When was the last time such a perfect, easy sales opportunity fell at your feet?

But don't just take our word for it...

  • “We’ve closed off the financial year 58% up on the previous year and attribute this directly to sales-i and their sales performance software.”

    Larry Sexton

    Director of Sales at Office 360º
  • “I can’t imagine doing business without sales-i now and we have a focused approach to what we are doing. sales-i has really helped us as a company.”

    Christian Cardo

    Sales Manager at FRID + Russell
  • “We are delighted with sales-i. Some departments are doing 25% more business quarter over quarter.”

    Bill Vendramin

    Director at Kramer Leonard

Companies just like yours are already using sales-i to sell smart

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