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Still looking for ways to improve your medical product sales? Look no further.

Outsell the competition

Find highly-valuable, easy-to-close cross sell opportunities in just a few clicks. Also, find customers who have reduced spend or stopped buying altogether.

Delight your customers

Prove to customers that you think about them beyond the point of sale. Find patterns in purchase behavior to make logical suggestions and build rapport.

Make smarter decisions

Make faster, better-informed decisions based on solid data. Improve your sales production and bottom line through an understanding of what's really going on.

Do any of the below ring true?

There are a lot of issues that medical product sales teams tend to face. Below are some of the most common and how we help to solve them.

"Competition is fierce."

Medical product sales can be hard to come by. If we could show you a way of finding great opportunities with the people who are easiest to close to – your current customers – would you be interested?

  • Set targeted campaigns that actively push cross, switch and up-sell opps to your inbox or mobile device
  • Get automatic alerts when your customers stop buying from you
  • Spot competitive threats in your accounts before they harm your sales

"Our sales managers have no visibility"

Do your managers crave more clarity? We know many healthcare supply sales managers do. sales-i solves this challenge by providing an unprecedented level of proactive insight into your sales and sales teams.

  • Get instant visibility of your sales team’s performance to targets as well as daily activity planned and completed
  • Create sales reports in seconds for every account, any day to see instantly customers buying behavior
  • Use targeted campaign to coach sales teams or individual reps on high volume and highly profitable products on each sales call


Going out and closing deals face-to-face is a tough task. Here’s how sales-i makes it a whole lot easier.

  • Sales reports are auto-generated the night before a meeting, saving hours of pre-call planning.
  • Meeting notes are entered straight into the sales-i mobile app and can be saved during the meeting and can be shared with colleagues
  • Key account information is available offline on any Apple or Android device


What some of our customers had to say

  • “sales-i is an excellent cloud based tool that has proved to be a vital part of managing customers in our consumables business. The fact that it is cloud based, means it can be used anywhere including in front of customers often giving them a greater insight into their first aid category than would otherwise be possible.”

    Reuben Gilmore

    External Account Manager at Aero Healthcare
  • “We have had sales-i for nearly two months now and it is has become an integral part of our sales function. It offers exactly what we have been looking for in terms of a sales tool that can be used to not only identify downward trends in sales but also to identify additional opportunities. I highly recommend sales-i and we are looking forward to continuing to develop and make this the core focus of our sales plan moving forward.”

    Matthew Courtney

    Director at Crest Medical

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