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Take your sales to the next level with HVAC management software

Manage with ease

With instant insight into an account's spend, previous purchases and notes from any previous meetings, sales-i makes managing hundreds of customer accounts and thousands of products a breeze.

Turn data into cash

Most salespeople don't have time to sift through and make sense of data. Enter sales-i, which makes light work of analysis and alerts your salespeople to cross, switch and up-sell opportunities.

Achieve sales greatness

Capitalize on growth with sales-i at your side. With access to targeted customer information and custom campaigns, you'll boost your sales and increase customer retention rates with little effort.

"Our sales team is struggling to hit target."

HVAC sales software is there to help your salespeople sell with confidence, safe in the knowledge your prices are spot on and your offers are irresistible. Struggling to hit targets every month will become a distant memory with our HVAC management software.

  • Monitor sales activity and consumer behavior
  • Feed your sales team with unmissable, easy-to-close sales opportunities
  • Spot any competitor activity and work fast to ensure your customers stay yours

"Seasonality makes year-round sales hard to come by."

The very nature of the HVAC industry is incredibly seasonal. People get hot in the summer, they want A/C, meaning those all important out of season sales can often be a struggle.

That’s where sales-i’s HVAC software steps in.

Even when your customers may not be buying high ticket items, you can keep them hungry for your products with hand crafted, irresistible offers for replacement parts, ensure outstanding service levels and outwit your competition at every turn.


"We're struggling to manage industry growth."

It’s not often you hear companies grumble about an industry growth spurt, but it can be one of the most testing times for even the most established of HVAC companies.

As business grows, the amount of data your company produces will grow too. sales-i’s HVAC software is the key to managing this influx of data and presenting it in a way that you can use.

Enter intuitive dashboards, beautiful tables and insight, glorious insight! You’ll be able to see how your empire is performing in a flash. Decisions made on instinct alone are now a thing of past.


"We want to reduce our carbon footprint."

Well, that’s great news. Take your little black book, your diary and your file of brochures in the trunk of your car and go recycle them.

With sales-i’s HVAC software, you can stroll into your meeting with your tablet or smartphone, and nothing more.sales-i put everything you need to make every meeting a success in the palm of your hand.

Customer-facing sales reports, access to customer specific documents, recent sales history and even what you discussed on your last call…it’s all there and waiting for you. No paper. No fuss.


But don't just take our word for it...

  • “sales-i is a great tool. It’s simple to use, powerful and totally scalable to our business. sales-i has provided invaluable insight, empowering
    decision makers to make better choices, faster.”

    Peter Baines

    Information Manager at International Timber
  • “One of my team is a 60+ year old sales veteran and easily exceeded his sales target by 120%.”

    Rob St Barbe

    Sales Director at Saint Gobain
  • “Every month this year, my sales team has reached its sales target and I directly attribute this to sales-i.”

    Mark Terry

    National Sales Manager at Howarth Timber
  • “Although Phocas has strong analytical functionality, you need to know the structure of your data before you can construct a report whereas sales-i is very intuitive and simple to use. The ‘drill down’ capability is very easy to use in sales-i which provides our Sales Representatives with instant analysis on product distribution between our key accounts. A combination of sales-i and our own ERP data has provided us with a powerful real-time CRM sales tool that has provided our company with smart business intelligence on our UK customer base.”

    Paul McCourt

    Operations Director at Hamilton Litestat
  • “sales-i provided the best functionality at the best cost and is the best sales intelligence solution for C.H. Hanson.”

    Phil Hanson

    Executive Vice President at C.H. Hanson

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