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Take your sales to the next level with our food industry software

Redefine sales meetings

Champion a proactive sales technique with information that will help you to close business. sales-i delivers a clear picture of each customer, so you know exactly what you need to be talking about to make every call a success.

Powerful customer insight

Never miss valuable data again with an integrated CRM system. Record everything from customer interactions to action points and contacts to keep everyone on the same page. Transform customer interactions into conversations that count.

Make smarter decisions

sales-i brings clarity to your business with actionable sales and business information so you can make faster, well-informed decisions that will improve your bottom line. Stop making decisions on instinct and start making them on fact.

"Generating sales reports is taking far too long."

We know that sales reports are super important but dire to prepare – not to mention they can take you a good few hours to put together manually, eating away at precious selling time. Using our food industry software will make that a thing of the past.

  • Produce sales reports in a couple of simple clicks with sales-i
  • Print, edit and share reports across your team in seconds
  • Include all the information you need to wow your customer
  • Preparing detailed sales reports has never been so easy

"Loyal customers are becoming a thing of the past."

sales-i will help you to stop customers from leaving as soon as something new comes along. Great customer service has never been so easy.

Give your team everything they need to recover slipping customers. Our food production software provides unparalleled insight into your customer’s buying behavior.

Boost your food and drink sales productivity with instant information so your team can deliver great, profitable incentives that your customers will love.

"Customer information isn't being shared or used."

Remove your dependancy on dated spreadsheets to record customer interactions and notes. Great service is your path to success in the food and drink industry and that is where sales-i steps in.

Record action points, notes, contacts, follow ups and almost anything you can think of. Let outstanding customer management flow through your business with sales-i, the CRM for the food industry.

Get all of the customer information you need straight to your mobile when you’re out and about, away from HQ.

"We are struggling to close business."

Anticipate your customers’ next move with instant insight from sales-i, make smart moves and keep them hungry for more.

Make unproductive meetings a distant memory, with clear cut reasons for each meeting from sales-i.

sales-i will tell you everything you need to know to impress in meetings and close business, all you need to do is, well, do it!


food and drink coverage

But don't just take our word for it...

  • “We have found the sales-i system great for in-depth study of our customer base. It has helped us keep on top of our customers more and dig into what the trends are in our customer buying patterns etc. The support that we get from sales-i is also exceptional and get replies to any queries are answered VERY quickly.”

    Robbie Devenish

    Business Development Manager at Stewart's Tins
  • “I find sales-i very easy to use and an excellent analytics tool”

    Jon Bolam

    Sales Manager at Savona Foodservice
  • “sales-i is the ultimate sales solution for us. It is unbelievably simple and analyzes our sales data with minimal input from us.”

    James Tongue

    Sales Manager at Global Brands

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