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Take your sales to the next level with our building industry software

Manage fast growth

Capitalize on fast growth with sales-i at your side. With access to targeted customer information, you'll soon be bolstering sales and taking the market by storm.

Spot margin erosion

sales-i instantly flags where margins may be slipping on key product groups. Feed your sales team with the information they need to turn this around before it is too late.

Improve decision making

Bring clarity to your building supplies business with crystal clear information to make fast, well-informed decisions that improve your bottom line.

Did you know we're members of the BMF?


We help BMF members sell smarter, gain a competitive advantage and raise profits.


"We're losing sales with existing customers."

Don’t toss your loyal customers to the wayside, growth doesn’t have to just come from new prospects. Finding opportunities within your customer base is easy with our building industry software.

  • Are they buying hand tools from you but not power tools?
  • Feed your sales team with easy sales opportunities
  • Creating targeted sales campaigns has never been easier

"The competition is stealing our market share."

If the competition is running riot across your turf, make sure you’ve got some strong comebacks to retaliate with.

Our building industry software instantly spots where your competition may be eating away at your market share and even sends ‘competitor alerts’ straight to your inbox.

Get your army of salespeople back on track to make their move and beat the competition armed with all the information they need.


"We're struggling to manage industry growth."

sales-i will help you to manage this period of growth, capitalize on it and profit from every opportunity.

With new business comes more data. sales-i is the key to handling this and presenting it in a way that is manageable, useful and actionable.

With intuitive dashboards, tables and insight, you’ll be able to see the performance of your empire in a flash and make well-informed business decisions that make money.


"We have little visibility into our product lines."

Got thousands of products? Hundreds of thousands? How long would it take you to tell us your top product line in terms of GP%? Hours? Days?

sales-i can find your best (and worst) performing products in seconds, identify if a customer has stopped buying one product, if an account is up or down and where your margins may be slipping.

All of this (and more!) is instantly available in sales-i, can be sent straight to your inbox and is even accessible from your smartphone or tablet.



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But don't just take our word for it...

  • “One of my team is a 60+ year old sales veteran and easily exceeded his sales target by 120%.”

    Rob St Barbe

    Sales Director at Saint Gobain
  • “Every month this year, my sales team has reached its sales target and I directly attribute this to sales-i.”

    Mark Terry

    National Sales Manager at Howarth Timber
  • “sales-i provided the best functionality at the best cost and is the best sales intelligence solution for C.H. Hanson.”

    Phil Hanson

    Executive Vice President at C.H. Hanson
  • “Our existing system simply didn’t do everything we needed it to from a reporting point of view. sales-i has become an everyday part of the business. We can generate reports with ease and the customer records are invaluable to the sales team.”

    Simon Rance

    Sales Director at TIMco
  • “sales-i is a great tool. It’s simple to use, powerful and totally scalable to our business. sales-i has provided invaluable insight, empowering
    decision makers to make better choices, faster.”

    Peter Baines

    Information Manager at International Timber

Companies just like yours are already selling smart with sales-i

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