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Take your sales to the next level with our automotive CRM software

Outsell the competition

Which customers buy brake pads but have never bought discs? Questions like this can be answered in an instant with sales-i, allowing you to make phone calls that take business directly from your competitors.

Delight your customers

Keep your customers happy with personalized customer service using our inbuilt CRM system. Proactive customer service is the norm in sales-i, know when to call and exactly what to talk about.

Make smarter decisions

sales-i brings clarity to your business with actionable information so you can make faster, well-informed business decisions in an instant. Business decisions that improve your bottom line.

"Competition is fierce."

Automotive industry sales can be hard to come by. Bring all your information together in one place, identify competitor hotspots and feed your team with targeted, actionable information:

  • Identify key accounts to target and for precise, smart reasons
  • Express deliver valuable sales opportunities straight to your team
  • Recover any lost business with personalized sales campaigns

"Margins are slipping and we don't know where or why."

Monitor the performance of each and every one of your product lines to maximize profits.

Spot valuable opportunites in an instant and start making impressive margins on every sale.

See exactly who is buying what, and who isn’t, at what margin. But more importantly, know what your customers should be buying from you.


"Our sales team doesn't hit target every month."

Here at sales-i, we’re firm believers that knowledge is power, and by putting the power in the hands of your sales team, they’ll never get stuck in first gear again.

You’ll boost sales productivity with information available at your fingertips, making it possible for your team to close sales anywhere, on any device.

Turn your team into the salespeople they were meant to be. We’ll supply the knowledge, all they need to do is act on it.


"Customers aren't loyal to us."

Anticipate your customers’ next move with instant insight from sales-i, make smart moves and keep them hungry for more.

Create targeted sales and marketing campaigns that really pack a punch with your customers.

If they’re buying brake discs from you, where are they getting their brake pads? Why not offer an exclusive deal to get their business?



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“Ah, sales-i, if it were a woman, I would marry it! It’s definitely one of, if not the best, IT purchases we’ve made of the last couple of years, I love it to bits!” Read their full case study here.


“I made a couple of face-to-face customer calls after drilling down into two of our customers’ buying habits, I made a presentation and left with sales worth over $8,500! Ultimately, our sales team has more time. All in all, this means we are making more sales and business is going from strength to strength.” Read their full case study here.


“I was so impressed with sales-i, we didn’t need to look at anything else. sales-i is an invaluable tool at every level and I think it’s a real motivator for our sales guys!” Read their full case study here.

Automotive parts companies just like yours are already selling smart with sales-i

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