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Pure Technology Group

The Pure Technology Group uses sales-i to delve even deeper into data to help develop the way the company sells.


The Pure Technology Group (PTG) is a leading provider of IT services and solutions to UK SME, mid-market, enterprise and public sectors.

£33m Revenue for 2019
7% Average Number of Invoice Increase
6% Average Total Revenue Increase

About Pure Technology Group

Pure Technology Group pride themselves on being ‘not your average company’, with a commitment to never-ending improvement that ensures best-in-class service. With global partners such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft, they work with some of the world’s top technology manufacturers and distributors that help and support PTG to stay ahead of the curve.

“We needed a sales enablement tool that could provide high level and in-depth data analytics, but without the fuss and sales-i gives us all of that and more.”

The Challenge

With the technology industry being incredibly fast-paced, it’s important that PTG are constantly evolving and adapting alongside the rapid changes to remain one step in front. With that in mind, they required a sales tool that allowed their team to instantly spot customer buying patterns, to keep up with any new trends within technology. The PTG needed a tool that would enable them to access reports at the click of a button. They needed all the data analytics at the end of their fingertips; with the ability to customize to personal requirements and with an effortless and ‘easy-to-use’ system.

Scott Deacon, Sales Director at the Pure Technology Group: “We needed a sales enablement tool that could provide high level and in-depth data analytics but without the fuss. It needed to be straight-forward to use for all members of my team at PTG, as we all have a different way of working, and sales-i gives us all of that and more.”

The Solution

“We’ve tried and used a few other systems before, but they were difficult to customize, or didn’t give us the option to do so at all. It was hard to navigate our way around our own data statistics, which should never be the case. We should be able to access everything we need instantly, but other systems just didn’t deliver that.”

“sales-i, however, has transformed the way we work, both in the office and on the ground. We have salespeople out in the field closing deals much easier as they have all the information in front of them. We know if a customer’s buying behavior has changed and can chase it up almost instantly, which can prevent the risk of churn.”

PTG has seen a positive increase in numbers from January, through to September 2019, which we’re obviously very chuffed with.” Scott Deacon
Sales Director


“Previously, inputting and storing our data was a painful task. It would take longer than we would have liked, which is an opportunity cost within itself. So, to be able to go into the sales-i app and speak into the voice to text feature saves at least 10-15 minutes per customer call.

We’re also gathering much more useful information than ever before. In particular, the Sales Vs. Gap report allows my team to identify more of the wallet share of each client by highlighting upsell and cross-sell opportunities. The CRM tool allows us to keep on top of all our important relationships, with quick access to upload call notes (with a date and time stamp) so we can continue to nurture those customers.”

What's next?

Because PTG understands that working together is a fundamental value of success, it’s no surprise that since using sales-i, their Average Total Revenue has increased by over 6%. They recognize that introducing a sales enablement tool to unlock their performance will allow them to focus on delivering innovative IT services whilst identifying high-quality opportunities within their customer base.

Between 2018-2019, PTG has also seen a growth of over 7% in Average Number of Invoices.

Scott Deacon shares: “As you can see from the figures, PTG has seen a positive increase in numbers from January, through to September 2019, which we’re obviously very chuffed with. Hopefully, we continue to see that rise, as we continue to use sales-i as our go-to data analysis software.”

As PTG strives for never-ending improvement, the information within sales-i continues to grow, which allows Scott and his team to delve even deeper into the data insights, to help develop the way the company works.

Particular features in sales-i that Scott is keen to see long term results from include:

Instantly spotting buying patterns of a customer from the dashboard, PTG experiences a streamlined and effortless solution to capturing and comparing customer buying behavior. From this, they’re able to prevent the risk of customer churn and understand how their products and services are consumed by their customer base.

Access to reports at the click of a button, because technology is constantly evolving, PTG needs to have a hold on their data analytics to always stay ahead of any new trends within the industry. They can then make smart business decisions based on the information shown.

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