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Gulf Coast Paper

Increased account and business insight at Gulf Coast Paper with sales-i.


Major player in the office and janitorial supplies industry, Gulf Coast Paper, is benefiting from increased insight at every level of the business.

15,000 customers
7 branches
30 sales-i users

About Gulf Coast Paper

Gulf Coast Paper has been in business since the mid 1960s. An “employee owned company”, Gulf Coast is headquartered in Victoria, Texas and is today a major distributor of janitorial, packaging, office supplies, laundry/warewash and MRO equipment and supplies. Despite their namesake, Gulf Coast deliver much more than paper and have been doing so for the last fifty years!

With a talented workforce of over 200, the provision of excellent customer service to their 15,000 customers is second to none. Their network of partners at every stage of the supply chain affords Gulf Coast the opportunity to deliver the best solutions to each and every one of their customers.

"I would definitely recommend any organization to take a look at sales-i."

The Challenge

Before discovering sales-i, reporting and sales analysis at Gulf Coast Paper was always a labor-intensive, time consuming process. Working to 13, 4-week periods, the 53 strong sales team was wasting valuable selling time generating reports comparing sales from each period and each year. Despite their best efforts, the reports only provided a very high level view of the sales operation.

The Solution

Following a recommendation from an existing sales-i customer, Clay Dibble, VP of Sales & Marketing was excited to see exactly what sales-i could do.

Soon after, and once the team at Gulf Coast had reviewed the capabilities of sales-i during a comprehensive online demonstration, the company was sold on the integrated CRM and extensive analytical detail sales-i could provide.

I’m really pleased with it and I’m glad we made the investment in sales-i. Clay Dibble
VP Sales & Marketing


Since introducing sales-i to Gulf Coast Paper, Clay and his team have been impressed by the speed at which they can now analyze each of their accounts, even drilling down to a specific product group or line item.

Having instant access to a truly granular level of detail has aided the sales team no end. Using sales-i to track accounts, keep on top of any which may be slipping and simply ensuring customers are kept happy has swiftly become part of the daily routine for the sales team at Gulf Coast Paper. From a management perspective, sales-i gives them the ability to monitor the performance of each of the 7 national branches in a few clicks.

Clay adds, “I’m really pleased with it and I’m glad we made the investment in sales-i. I would definitely recommend any organization to take a look at sales-i.”

What's next?

The team at Gulf Coast Paper has been invigorated by the introduction of sales-i and already, they are using the system extensively.

With the ability to generate reports, analyze sales activity and simply having access to valuable business data at the touch of a button, Gulf Coast Paper is now looking to increase utilization of sales-i across the business.

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