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Essendant Canada Inc

Essendant Canada Inc have gained a multitude of benefits as a result of using sales-i.


Essendant Canada Inc (formerly OKI Bering Canada) is a purely wholesale company serving manufacturers and distributors of industrial, safety, welding and janitorial/sanitation products since 1979.

They have noticed a whole host of benefits since using sales-i in 2017.


About Essendant Canada Inc

Essendant Canada Inc pride themselves on being the fastest and most convenient solution for workplace essentials. Their vision is “to supply the essentials that unlock the potential of their partners and those they serve.”

Their product offering includes the brands 3M, Proctor and Gamble, Rubbermaid and Kimberley Clark Professional to name just a few.

"sales-i helps us identify sales opportunities with our customers with variance searches"

The Challenge

Madison Racher, Vendor Relations Co-ordinator for Essendant Canada Inc, takes up the story. “Our main challenge, pre sales-i, was being able to log our sales calls with our customers in an organized fashion that allowed other sales reps the ability to view and see the history of the account.”

At the time of purchase the Essendant team told sales-i that they were also struggling to record their post-sale meeting notes. “Many times, our team would leave a presentation or sales call and have 10-15 emails that require tending to. In the time between the meeting and finishing the email replies, activities needed from the sales presentation can slip through the cracks. We needed a quick way to record our follow up activities whilst we were on the move.”

The Solution

After an initial demo, Essendant Canada went live with sales-i in winter 2017 and it has been smooth sailing ever since!

sales-i has allowed our company to communicate better internally and focus better on our goals externally. Madison Racher
Vendor Relations Co-ordinator


When asked about the benefits sales-i has given Essendant, Madison said, “sales-i allows us to log calls to each customer’s file and put in place notifications to set up follow up calls.”

As well as this, the team has been impressed with sales-i as a sales analysis tool. “It has also provided us an easier and clearer way to compare sales quarters and drill into more in-depth sale searches.”

Madison adds that a further benefit has been that “sales-i helps us identify sales opportunities with our customers with variance searches.”

Indeed, the Variance feature on sales-i enables any product-based salesperson to spot when an account’s spend has dropped and exactly which products are selling less, meaning you don’t have to waste any time trying to work out what’s going on.


What's next?

Right from the start, Essendant Canada Inc has been quite clear on what they want sales-i to do for them. “We would like to see five to six percent growth with sales-i and also track all the opportunities so that we can prove this growth”.

The company have now completed their sales-i training and are ready to fully use the software to achieve their goal.


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